December 18, the world’s top jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. Tiffany in Vientiane City, Shenyang bright opening, the new unveiled store inherited the brand nearly 180 years of Zoran design and elegant spirit, and then lift a new chapter in New York modern style.

From the birth in 1837 so far, Tiffany has long been a symbol of New York charm and legendary style, legendary jewelry, iconic blue gift box, classic American elegant style exudes the dream of the world, and crazy charm for the crazy. So that many women dreaming Tiffany style, it gives the world, is the masterpiece of the romantic feelings and unparalleled dream of life.

Love in that touch of blue, Pantone company, tailored for Tiffany, called Pantone 1837 exclusive color, Tiffany blue box, carrying the hearts of countless people romantic dream.

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