Luxury goods industry generally cut prices to save themselves, but the high-end jewelry Tiffany & Co. (Tiffany) is the opposite of it. Yesterday, Tiffany in the United States opened 10% of the price increase across the board. Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters found that the Chinese market is also the price list.

Yesterday, the Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporter in the Tiffany & Co. Oriental Plaza counters learned that Beijing has indeed started prices, or about 10%, due to normal annual price increases, including jewelry, watches, accessories and most of the goods; Tiffany & Co. Well IN88 counters clerk said that the price increases involving China and the United States, and online, offline prices. She also said that if the previous deposit, even if the booking of goods, but also according to the price after the purchase price.

It is understood that with a unique number of key ring Return to Tiffany original price of 125 US dollars, about 800 yuan, 880 yuan after the price; Tiffany Keys products for the original price of 225 US dollars, about 1441 yuan, after the price of 1585 yuan The

Luxury goods prices year after year is the practice, but now the industry downturn, there are many luxury brands to start in China price strategy. As for the Tiffany & Co. Why the opposite, luxury goods experts, wealth quality research institute director Zhou Ting said that this is a psychological tactics, the purpose is to make consumers have a sense of urgency, in the further price hike before the purchase, and Create an impression of appreciation. At the same time, the devaluation of the greater impact on the diamond jewelry, jewelry brands need to use the price to prove the brand value. As early as March of this year, Tiffany & Co. Had a price increase.

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