Charles Tiffany is the founder of the greatest New York jewelery pioneer Tiffany & Co., and every moment of his life has never stopped accepting the challenge, His grand dream and courage make it a real “New York Minute” (Inventor of the New York Minute), on behalf of the city of New York has the energy and innovation. In the early years he set up outside the boutique Atlas Hercules giant clock now stands in the fifth Avenue during the store entrance, it is determined to become great jewelers and watchmakers eternal tribute.

His vision from the youth has begun to show. In 1837, he opened his first boutique on Broadway with $ 1,000 from his father. Although New York was still in financial crisis, the 25-year-old Tiffany saw the opportunity – he acquired the latest wave of French accessories from the captains of the New York and Boston ports, from ancient bronze and Chinese ceramics Sell ​​it to customers who are very interested in these fine items. Within a few years, he succeeded in introducing important diamond jewelery for the first time in the US market, starting selling fine clocks and pocket watches. In the 1860s, he became the most famous diamond dealer in the United States.

“Good business comes from good design.” He often hangs this sentence and never stops exploring the good design. In 1858, the cable cable across the Atlantic needed to be replaced, and he bought a 20-mile-long cable, cut it into a 4-inch-long piece, designed as a souvenir with brass, and designed a paperweight, And umbrella handle. When the official sale of these goods that day, crowds inside and outside the crowd, making the New York police had to dispatch police officers to control the scene order.

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